The Peripatetic Seminar is a research seminar which supports the research of faculty, postdoctoral fellows and students in computer science, mathematics and philosophy. There is a particular focus on category theory, theoretical programming languages and homotopy theory. Recent themes in the seminar have included differential and integral categories, type and proof theories including homotopy type theory, and categorical quantum information theory.


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For questions or to volunteer to speak, email Sacha Ikonicoff.


  1. Robin Cockett (faculty)
  2. Cole Comfort (MSc)
  3. Jonathan Gallagher (PhD)
  4. Ben MacAdam (PhD)
  5. Daniel Satanove (MSc)
  6. Priyaa Srinivasan (PhD)
  7. Amolak Ratan Kalra
  1. Kristine Bauer (faculty)
  2. Matthew Burke (postdoc)
  3. Rachel Hardeman (MSc)
  4. Reggie Lybbert (BSc) (dual BSC in CPSC)
  5. Geoff Vooys (PhD)
  6. Sacha Ikonicoff (postdoc)
  1. Husna Farooqui (MA)
  2. Amir Kiani (PhD)
  3. David Liebesman (faculty)
  4. Nicole Wyatt (faculty)
  5. Richard Zach (faculty)